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Internationalisation of Higher Education


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Developments in the European Higher Education Area and Worldwide

Internationalisation of Higher Education – Developments in the European Higher Education Area and Worldwide is a publication for practitioners and policymakers in higher education. It examines internationalisation processes in countries all over the world with a special focus on the developments in Europe resulting from the Bologna Process.

The publication addresses key issues in the internationalisation of higher education and places them in the context of global and European developments.
It provides a broad coverage of issues in the context of internationalisation such as:

  • governance, leadership and management;
  • funding at national and supranational levels;
  • internationalisation strategies and activities;
  • access, mobility, student success and lifelong learning;
  • institutional structures to support innovative learning and teaching; and
  • quality assurance in international higher education.

The complementary website will provide you, as a subscriber, with free access to an electronic version of all the articles published in the publication so far. It also contains the past issues of both the Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook and the Journal of the European Higher Education Area.



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