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Journal of the European Higher Education Area


Jürgen Kohler, Liviu Matei, Terhi Nokkala, Lewis Purser, Sir Peter Scott, Pedro Teixeira


1 year: €268,00; 2 years: €498,00


Subscription, quarterly journal, print and online, unlimited access to the journal’s website with all the texts, abstracts, etc., campus license available (see below)



A new journal for a new era

This journal aims to provide higher education leaders, faculty, decision-makers and students with a user-friendly tool to support their work of translating the major reforms of the Bologna Process into meaningful institutional strategies and practices. The journal continues and further develops the efforts of the EUA Bologna Handbook to bridge higher education policy and practice while strengthening the focus on learning and teaching. It is published four times a year, includes 5–6 articles per edition and is available both in print and online.

The journal includes

  • current trends, developments and new approaches to educating at the university level,
  • how issues like access, lifelong learning and student services are dealt with in different contexts within Europe,
  • what university leaders think about governance, management and funding,
  • what are the best institutional structures to support innovative learning and teaching,
  • how quality assurance can enhance the search for talent, reputation and the student‘s experience,
  • and what internationalisation means for the European Higher Education Area.

The complementary website aims to inform you about the contents, authors and editors of the journal.


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