Academic Leadership and Organisational Culture


Ada Pellert, Gábor Halász, Attila Pausits, Issa Batarseh, Liviu Andreescu


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  • Academic Leadership and Organisational Culture

    Ada Pellert

    This article describes specific features and critical issues of institutional leadership at universities, identifying points of action and support processes for the promotion of change in their management in the context of ongoing reforms of higher education institutions (HEIs). Its focus is on outlining the internal tensions within universities, their specific organisational units as well as tools and challenges for the organisational development of university management.

  • Academic Leadership: Changing Environments and Changing Cultures

    Gábor Halász, Attila Pausits

    This chapter will cover the basic characteristics of leadership in the changing environment within higher education institutions and point out relevant aspects of today’s academic leadership debate. The section on principles of good leadership should help practitioners and institutions to reflect on their own leadership performance. We will focus on the coherent relation between leaders and leadership as well as the concepts of a learning organisation and emotional intelligence. Leadership and organisational culture greatly influence each other. Key questions are therefore: What changes should be made in terms of leadership and culture and what should be carried forward into the future? In a dynamic era like this, attention to fundamentals is even more important than in less turbulent times.

  • Reflections – A Personal Perspective on Jordanian Higher Education

    Issa Batarseh

    Serving as President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) in Jordan for four years was both an exhilarating and challenging experience for the author, a Professor at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The article offers the author’s reflections, personal views and insight on the strengths and challenges of the Jordanian higher education system as a whole, and the “lessons learnt” during his term as President of PSUT while on professional development leave from UCF.

  • Academic Freedom: A Guide for the Academic Leader

    Liviu Andreescu

    While arguably a well-established principle governing university life, academic freedom is also frequently an object of dispute. The controversies often concern such basic questions as the very meaning of the term, its range of application, its relation to other principles (for example, institutional autonomy) or arrangements (e.g., tenure) in higher education, and sometimes even its desirability. This article seeks to provide a systematic introduction to the topic, all the while stressing the complex nature of academic freedom. Its final section addresses directly the relationship between university administrators and academic freedom in light of some of the recent changes in global higher education.

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