Leadership and Diversity


Matthew Hartley, Vivian Gadsden, Ira Harkavy, Rita A. Hodges, Gülsün Sağlamer, Daniela De Ridder,


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  • Leading Institutional Change to Promote a Diverse Democracy

    Matthew Hartley, Vivian Gadsden, Ira Harkavy, Rita A. Hodges

    This article focuses on higher education leadership and diversity, highlighting the role of higher education as a pathway to achieving democratic diversity. The authors provide a context for understanding educational diversity in the United States, using the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) as a case study. They present Penn as an emerging model for making diversity a prominent institutional priority, as well as for connecting issues of diversity to civic and community engagement. Authors conclude with a call to action and lessons learned.

  • Leadership in Higher Education with Special Reference to Women Leaders in Academia

    Gülsün Sağlamer

    In this age of rapid change, higher education faces many complex and interconnected questions in an environment where uncertainty plays a major role and decision-makers are faced with unprecedented and often unpredictable challenges. The first part of the article discusses the concepts of “leader” and “leadership”, outlines the qualities expected of leaders from the perspective of uncertainty and analyses the criteria used to measure the success of leaders. The second part considers challenges and obstacles to women’s leadership in higher education and the present situation of women academic leaders in Europe.

  • Diversity Matters!

    Change Management with Specific Focus on Fostering Diversity in Higher Education Institutions

    Daniela De Ridder

    Which changes for governance, higher education culture and HEI organisation result from making maximum use of the potential of diverse student biographies and experiences? What are the consequences of this feature, i.e. of a diversified student body, for organisational structures of academia, for strategic planning and for staff and administrative culture at a higher education institution? And how can a change management process which takes these issues on board be initiated? These matters have been explored by the author through practical counsel over several years and developed systematically by means of a programme “Ungleich besser! Verschiedenheit als Chance1” under the auspices of the “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft“. The results of this project presented here target at implementing strategies and measures which foster productive use of student diversity, and they indicate potential features of a diversity audit process for higher education institutions.

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