Engaging the Community


Elaine Ward, Ellen Hazelkorn, Jaana Puukka, Wilhelm Krull


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  • Engaging With the Community

    Elaine Ward, Ellen Hazelkorn

    This article focuses on how higher education institutions (HEIs) engage with their external community, contribute to social and economic development, and underpin civil society and democracy. The external community consists of a wide-range of stakeholders from business and industry, the public, private and non-governmental sector, and civil society. While many HEIs have historically had a strong association to their city or nation, today the health of society and the economy is inextricably tied to greater collaboration between “town” and “gown”. The article has five main sections: i) Introduces the social and public responsibility of higher education, ii) Describes the policy context, iii) Defines “engagement”, iv) Offers some indicators to assess and measure engagement and v) Summarizes and makes some recommendations to help institutional leaders ensure engagement is successful and sustained.

  • Smart Specialisation and University Engagement Strategies

    Jaana Puukka

    As important knowledge producers, universities play a critical role in regional smart specialization processes through strategy design, implementation and building long term capacity. This paper highlights the smart specialization concept: What does it mean for regions and HEIs and why did it emerge? What are the six steps of developing and implementing the strategy and what challenges do these steps include? Drawing on practical case studies from six countries, the paper provides a checklist for validating the fitness-for-purpose of the strategy and outlines the role of HEIs in the different pathways to knowledge-based development of regions and the entrepreneurial discovery process.

  • Call for Leadership and Governance

    Wilhelm Krull

    The university of the 21st century needs to be an autonomous and independent institution whose leadership can take full responsibility for its strategic positioning as well as its operations. In an increasingly globalized world any university will have to develop manifold social interactions with its respective environment. Therefore, independence and interdependence of an academic institution must be seen as two sides of the same coin.

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