Strategic Management and Tools


Sigrun Nickel, Britta L. Behm, Christian Berthold, John Taylor, Christina Leimer


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  • Strategic Management in Higher Education Institutions – Approaches, Processes, and Tools

    Sigrun Nickel

    The article highlights strategic management as a core competence for every higher education institution which understands itself as an autonomous actor. It gives managers ideas and tools for strategic planning, implementation and control which are suitable for the specific organizational conditions in higher education institutions. Themes addressed are, amongst other: SWOT analysis, strategic decision making, agreements on objectives, Strategy Map and Academic Scorecard. These methods are not only described but also critically reflected upon and illustrated with practical examples

  • Developing Strategies for a Higher Education Institution and its Faculties/Departments

    Britta L. Behm, Christian Berthold

    Strategic management has become a necessity at higher education institutions (HEIs) worldwide. The formulation of mission statements, strategic drafts or plans is among the core tasks of HEI and faculty/department management staff. Strategic management is essential today for the targetoriented development of an institution and for the successful presentation of an HEI when competing for personnel, students or funds or in negotiations with science ministries and other state agencies. The actual handling of the development of strategies however, is a complex process. Even a consensus on the meaning of the terms “strategy” or “strategic management” is lacking. Measured against the centuries-old portfolio of traditional university governance, these terms are newcomers to the university environment. This paper is mainly intended to address higher education managers. Against a background of recent research, it aims to make strategy development processes at HEIs more comprehensible, and to give directional advice on the possibilities of practical implementation. The paper outlines a strategy process model (section 5) and introduces particularly relevant tasks and selected methods and instruments for each phase.

  • The Management of Internationalisation in Higher Education

    Some UK Examples of Strategy and Practice

    John Taylor

    Internationalisation is one of the fastest growing areas of management within higher education. Stimulated by the pressures of intense international competition and by a new recognition of the wider benefits of internationalisation, universities are looking to develop new management practices. This paper looks at the importance of strategy as applied within the field of internationalisation. By looking at examples from a range of universities in the UK, the paper aims both to identify broad trends and to offer an idea of some of the important practical issues to be considered in the development and implementation of strategy in internationalisation. Whilst the paper is based upon experience in the UK, similar issues and challenges are facing universities elsewhere.

  • Making the Most of the Institution’s Capacity for Evidence-Based Decisions and Planning

    Christina Leimer

    In today’s high pressure higher education climate, the capacity to use data and research for planning and decision making is critical. Yet all too often institutions waste their analytical resources. This article offers suggestions for how to maximize investment in Institutional Research so that it becomes a strategic resource in helping executives carry out their priorities and achieve institutional goals.

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