Information and Communication


Aoife Flanagan, Asle Haukaas, Karen Jones


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  • Gathering and Using Information for Governance and Leadership Purposes

    Aoife Flanagan

    Higher Education institutions are operating in an environment of increasing accountability demands from a diverse group of stakeholders. The challenge for many, is balancing this with autonomous decision making, planning and management. This article provides a practical perspective to leaders and senior administrators in Higher Education on gathering and using information to support governance, decision making, strategic planning, performance management as well as demonstrating performance for accountability purposes. A case study highlights the experience of establishing an Institutional Research function to carry out this role, form both a national and institutional perspective.

  • University Communications as One Contribution to Improve the World

    Asle Haukaas

    This article focuses on the role of communications in modern universities. It also introduces the reader to some of the challenges related to key university communication areas with some practical advice. The article stresses the strategic role of communications as the most important asset for senior management teams in managing and developing the reputation or the brand of a university. The author applies parts of economics and business theory to strategic communications in the belief that all non-core activities must produce added value to a university. In the practical section issues like media relations, internal communications, recruitment, web and social media, magazines and alumni relations are addressed. Balancing these elements, measuring the communications outputs and being alert to possible risks if a crisis occurs, the university should be able to turn its reputation into a unique competitive advantage. Perhaps even as a contribution to improve the world?

  • Outputs from Internal and External Quality Assurance Processes as Change Agents – the Irish Example

    Karen Jones

    Within the last ten years the university sector in Ireland has published over 450 internal review reports and undertaken two cycles of institutional level (external) review. Yet, the majority of internal and external stakeholders would have little or no awareness that this vast independent information source existed, know where to find it, or indeed what to do with it. This article will present a case study of how the outcomes of internal and external reviews conducted within the Irish university sector between 2009 and 2011 have been actively used as change agents. Emphasis will be placed upon how senior management teams of Irish universities individually and collectively through their representative body − the Irish Universities Association (IUA) − and working alongside the Irish Universities Quality Board (IUQB) itself, have maximised the value and impact of engagement with quality processes as tools for change within individual institutions, and across the HE sector as a whole within Ireland.

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