Risk Management


Antony Stella, David Woodhouse, Roger King,


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  • Internationalisation: Risks, Impact and Response

    Antony Stella, David Woodhouse

    This article focuses on the potential risks and impact associated with on-shore, off-shore and other forms of internationalisation activities. It discusses these in terms of students, staff, programmes and institutions, and suggests a number of possible responses to the challenges raised. The article provides a number of relevant examples from Australia, and summarises lessons that can be learned by higher education institutions in each major risk area.

  • Governing Risk in Higher Education: Managing and Regulating the Risk University

    Roger King

    The article examines the growth of risk as both an organizational and regulatory device in both public and private organizations. In recent years governors and regulators of higher education, particularly in Australia, England and the USA, have encouraged the use of risk to evaluate where the likelihood of failure or harm is likely to be found, both in particular institutions but also sectorwide or systemically. This is leading to the notion of the ‘risk university’. How is this being operationalised? Could such models diffuse globally?

  • Regulating Uncertainty: Risk, Resilience and Improvement in Higher Education

    Roger King

    The growth of risk as both an organizational and regulatory device in a number of sectors, including higher education, is a phenomenon that has induced the development of the so-called ‘risk university’. In this article, the risks of risk-based regulation are more fully explored. It is proposed that ‘uncertainty’ rather than ‘risk’ best describes social systems such as higher education and that the policy response consequently should focus on resilience and deliberation, rather than on risk management, and as much on the improvement of standards and quality at the local level as on topdown regulatory assurance.

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