Reconsidering Your Mission and Profile


Peter Gomez, Sascha Spoun, James J. Duderstadt, Agneta Stark, Andrew Casson


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  • Vision and Strategy: Instruments for Building Individual University Profiles

    Peter Gomez, Sascha Spoun

    In a competitive environment for both resources and people, the insights and experience gained from research in the field of business management strategy can be used for building university profiles. This article shows how the conventional elements of management studies can be use to supplement the current debate surrounding the future of the university, through the development of vision, mission and strategy. The question concerning its application to individual universities and their functioning is a separate question, to be decided on a context-specific basis.

  • Changing University Missions and Profiling in the United States: Some Lessons Learned in the New World

    James J. Duderstadt

    The emergence of a global, knowledge-driven economy presents higher education with several significant challenges, including balancing the needs for broadening educational opportunity with the achievement of world-class excellence in research, maintaining adequate support for higher education as ageing populations shift priorities for tax revenues, and resolving the conflict between the demands for greater public accountability and the need for greater institutional agility. The efforts of the United States in addressing such conflicting objectives by encouraging a highly diverse system of institutions with strong differentiation among mission and profiles provides both valuable experience and cautionary lessons for tertiary education in Europe.

  • Renewing Higher Education in a Digital World: Towards a University Profile

    Agneta Stark, Andrew Casson

    This article discusses how Dalarna University, Sweden, is using the new opportunities available through information and communication technologies to promote flexible learning opportunities to new groups of learners and in new study areas. These strategic changes have formed the basis for a rapid redevelopment of the university’s profile and mission, with ensuing consequences for governance, management and quality culture.

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