Understanding and Developing Your Role as a Leader


Robin Middlehurst, Lothar Zechlin, Janyne M. Hodder, Clifford Nii Boi Tagoe, Winfried Benz


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  • Becoming a Leader

    Robin Middlehurst

    This chapter focuses on executive leadership and identifies what individuals need to do to understand and develop their roles as leaders in higher education. Individuals need to develop their knowledge and experience of leadership, develop their self-awareness about their own practice as a leader and their impact on others, understand the internal and external contexts in which leadership is practised, learn about the roles, tasks and responsibilities of leadership and find formal and informal ways to develop their practice. There are now a wide range of resources available to assist in developing leadership capabilities at individual level and leadership capacity at national and institutional levels. Europe as a region is not yet well-advanced in formal approaches to leadership development and it is argued that the challenges that lie ahead for higher education require leadership development to be prioritised at national and regional levels.

  • Understanding and Developing Your Role as a Leader

    Lothar Zechlin

    The article focuses on key characteristics of leadership in the strained connection between societal expectations on higher education and the need for institutional autonomy. It includes a discussion of several different perspectives of an organisation, as well as a discussion of specific features of universities as organisations of experts and university governance. Integrated management, integrated leadership styles, as well as suggestions for particular leadership tools are presented.

  • Letter to a New President

    Janyne M. Hodder

    This Letter to a New President is an invitation to first-time university presidents to reflect on the conditions they need to create early in their mandate for effective and successful presidential leadership. It is a tool and provides a checklist intended to assist new presidents in mapping out their initial plan of action. It builds on my experience and knowledge of the experiences of other presidents and tries to shine a light on matters which may seem obvious but which are often not attended to in sufficient detail early in a presidency. I have written it as a letter I would have been happy to receive when I entered my first presidency some 15 years ago. I have twice served as head of relatively small institutions focused primarily on undergraduate education – once as Principal and Vice-Chancellor of a well-established university in Canada and the other as President of a developing institution in a developing country – and I have served as Vice-Principal in a larger researchintensive university in Canada.

  • Styles and Tools of Leadership in Higher Education

    Clifford Nii Boi Tagoe

    Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are complex organisations, being unique in organisational structure and their stakeholders, both internal and external. HEIs operate in an ever-changing environment and with high expectations from society. Leading modern HEIs therefore requires competencies and development of multidimensional perspectives to meet the demands of this complex environment. Executive leadership of HEIs need to employ an array of styles and tools in order to achieve the visions and missions set out for their institutions. The leaders need to know how to relate to their institutions’ various publics, while sharing the leadership with leaders at lower levels of HEIs.

  • University Leadership – Personal Requirements

    Winfried Benz

    The article presents an up-to-date, comprehensive overview of the evolution of senior staff requirements and the subsequent gradual professionalization of administrative and leadership positions in the German academic landscape during the last fifteen years, as a consequence of and as a response to national and international change processes and developments in higher education and research. The article presents good practices and concrete examples and cases where change is evident, while at the same time highlighting the strengths and the weaknesses of the sector in this respect.

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