Introducing the Bachelor and the Master


Ann Katherine Isaacs, Howard Davies


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  • Introducing the Bachelor (Bologna First Cycle Degree)

    Ann Katherine Isaacs

    One of the central innovations in the Bologna process is the first cycle degree. Often called the ‘bachelor’ degree, the author holds that this denomination causes misunderstandings and prefers (in line with the framework of qualifications for the European higher education area) the ‘cycle’ terminology. Introducing new first cycle programmes constitutes a real challenge for higher education institutions and requires a revolution in the thinking of the academic staff (and the students). The author presents a step by step method for designing quality programmes, based on Tuning findings. New programmes should be elaborated, involving staff, students and other stakeholders, keeping in mind the aims of the first cycle: to foster the necessary competences for employment, for the continuation of studies, for citizenship and personal development.

  • Survey of Master Degrees in Europe

    Howard Davies

    In April 2009, EUA published the project report of its survey of Master degrees in Europe. The full text is available at It contains the Executive Summary, which is reproduced below, but not the Key Recommendations, which were published separately in a limited edition for EUA’s Prague Conference. The editors of the Bologna Handbook hope that readers will find it useful to have the two documents presented together.

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