Lifelong Learning in European Higher Education 1


Georg Winckler, Hanne Smidt, Andrzej Krasniewski, Hannele Niemi, Giuseppe Silvestri


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  • Widening Participation: A Collective Challenge for European Higher Education

    Georg Winckler

    This article is an edited version of the response made by the author to the French Prime Minister at a seminar in Paris in December 2007 on the challenges facing European higher education. Within a context of economic and demographic change, the article focuses on the challenges faced by European universities and governments in increasing participation rates and opening to a greater diversity of learners. It also announces the development of a Lifelong Learning Charter for Europe’s universities, to be launched in autumn 2008.

  • Do European Universities Have a Concept of Lifelong Learning?

    Hanne Smidt

    Despite the early ambitions at the start of the millennium to regard all formal, non-formal and informal education within the concept of learning throughout the life of an individual, and the implementation of the three-cycle degree structures with the concept of student-centred learning, along with the necessary supporting tools, few countries in Europe have managed to promote a concept for all citizens of the importance and availability of lifelong learning. This article explores the reasons for the sporadic implementation and the limited understanding of the concept in European universities to date, and point to the possibilities of creating a coherent discourse.

  • Lifelong Learning in Poland: Challenges and Priorities

    Andrzej Krasniewski

    This article outlines the huge changes which have taken place within Polish higher education in recent years, particularly those linked to increasing participation rates and widening access. It discusses the contributions which Polish higher education institutions have made so far in the field of lifelong learning, and the major challenges now facing the sector.

  • Universities and Lifelong Learning in Finland

    Hannele Niemi

    This article provides an overview of current challenges facing Finnish universities and the role of lifelong learning in meeting these. These challenges include issues of student retention, the promotion of a lifelong learning culture, and demographic changes. Based on an analysis of university lifelong learning strategies, the author describes some of the common elements of these, including more national and international cooperation and networking, and highlights future needs.

  • Lifelong Learning and the Italian University System

    Giuseppe Silvestri

    This article outlines the current state of lifelong learning in Italian higher education, and how a new national approach in this field is being implemented. It discusses the guidelines on lifelong learning recently issued by the Italian Ministry of University and Research, the tools associated with these, and the three main lines of activity which are under development.

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