The Changing Roles of Higher Education in Society


Sir Roderick Floud, Luc E. Weber


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  • Convergence and Diversity

    Sir Roderick Floud

    The article discusses the historical diversification of European higher education, and the rationale for introducing a certain amount of convergence between national systems, in order to encourage mutual understanding and trust. It argues that European higher education institutions will increasingly, as a result of the Bologna process, see themselves as part of a larger whole, while neither ceasing to compete nor to define their missions ever more precisely. While converging to create a European Higher Education Area, universities are likely to continue in their efforts to diversify.

  • University Governance, Leadership and Management in a Rapidly Changing Environment

    Luc E. Weber

    Globalisation, scientific and technological processes and, in Europe, the Bologna process are creating an increasingly competitive environment for universities. As a consequence, the traditionally decentralised change process at the level of academic staff and departments does not allow higher education institutions to adapt fast enough or, preferably, to lead this change. The rapidly changing environment of today and tomorrow requires that universities also need to develop a capacity for change at the institutional level; otherwise they will loose their unique status. This challenge implies a system of governance and a leadership both geared towards change, together with the development of the necessary management tools to support such change.

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