Towards Student-centered Learning


Gerhart Rott


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  • Guidance and Counselling Services as Part of a Learner-Centred Approach

    Gerhart Rott

    The text gives a short overview of guidance and counselling provision in higher education in Europe, especially with regard to its significance within the Bologna process. It identifies the key elements that are important in each area of student guidance and counselling, and offers advice on the processes of establishing and implementing an advisory service.

  • Psychological Counselling and Students’ Personal and Educational Development

    Gerhart Rott

    The article provides an overview of psychological guidance and counselling provision in higher education in Europe, putting a focus on competence development, creativity, flow and structure and innovative coping with challenging differences. It describes and emphasises the importance of this area of student guidance and counselling in the context of the overall development of the European Higher Education Area.

  • Development of Career Management Competence and the Contribution of Student Services

    Gerhart Rott

    This article will examine the development of student career management competence in Higher Education, focusing on the role played by student guidance and counselling services in its enhancement. It will introduce some essential topics, methods and tools to facilitate Career Management Competence and will link their evolution within career services to more comprehensive concepts such as Personal Development Planning [PDP] in the UK or the Portefeuille d’Expérience et de Competence [PEC] in France, as well as to more general changes in the relationship between education and work. Finally, a policy development perspective will be outlined, emphasising the need for collaborative approaches and networking in this field and connecting it with efforts to develop individual university profiles.

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